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Who we ARE

LERTVILAI Robot & Automation Division (RA)

is a leading Robot & Automation System Integrator in Thailand with BOI promotional privileges. We have designed, developed, integrated and implemented Robot Systems for over 20 years.

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of experienced professionals in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Controls, PLC, Software and Simulation Analysis. Our customers are in the fields of Automotive, Electrical/Electronics, Food & Consumer Products, Warehouse/Logistics to name a few.

  • Registered System Integrator (SI) with CoRE

  • Member of Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA)

What we DO

We specialize in integration of Robot & Automation System and Robot Welding Automation System

so that your business stay relevant and competitive in the era of Industry 4.0.

We help customers to :

  • reduce headcount
  • reduce production costs
  • improve efficiency
  • remain competitve
  • improve quality (no human error)

why CHOOSE us

We Have Experience &
the Track Record to Back It Up.

From small business to large conglomerates, from household appliances manufacturers to automakers, we have helped businesses of various nature to stay ahead of the competition.

We Have the People Who Have
the Expertise & Passion for Their Work.

It’s all about the people, the drive, the passion. Our team has what it takes and will go extra mile to deliver the best result.

We Have the Facility
to Make It Happen.

Robot & Automation Center
Robot & Automation System Integration Center

Be Part of the Future,
Power Up Your Business !!

Business landscape is changing fast. We are here to provide you with the solutions for the future. We are here to help you win.